2016: Monthly Drinks in Den Haag

Dear Alumni, the Committee has decided to reinstate our monthly get-together in Den Haag! The gatherings will take place every last Tuesday of each month at 8 pm at Millers (for more information see Regular Events).

Starting date/time/location: April 26th, 2016. 8 pm. Millers. Look out for two tall Germans (Matthias and Johannes).

The idea behind the gatherings is to allow Oxford and Cambridge alumni to meet others living in their area for conversation, drinks, dinner, whatever is desired. Anyone with an Oxford or Cambridge connection is welcome, no matter whether an expatriate working here or a Dutch former Oxbridge student. You do not need to be a member of The Oxford and Cambridge Society of the Netherlands. If you wish, you can contact someone on the committee to find out more about the plans or the locations, but otherwise feel free just to turn up. Someone from the committee will anyway be present at the gathering whenever possible.

Looking forward to meeting you,

The Committee