The Oxford and Cambridge Society of the Netherlands is registered as a Dutch “Vereniging”. Membership is open to all Oxford and Cambridge alumni or those who have had a significant connection with either University. The majority of current members live close to Amsterdam or The Hague, though there are also many in other parts of The Netherlands.

Member categories and pricing as per 2023:

  • The annual subscription is €30.
  • We offer free student membership for those currently enrolled at either institution or graduates who are currently enrolled as students elsewhere. If this applies to you, please sign up here.

Note: A spouse/partner counts as a “guest” (see below) and does not pay an extra subscription.The subscription period starts on 1st January of each year.

How to join?

There are two possible ways to pay your membership fees:

1) Online payment: Pay your fees online here.

2) Bank transfer: Transfer the annual fee to the Society’s bank account:

“The Oxford and Cambridge Society of the Netherlands”

a/c no. NL20 INGB 0002 2259 07

Please use the “Omschrijving” (message) field to indicate the name and purpose, for example: MEMBERSHIP 2020, JOE BLOGGS

First-time members

For those joining for the first time, please also submit additional information either via:

Recurring members

For recurring memberships, please transfer the money before February 1st of the year in question. The treasurer will acknowledge receipt of the subscription.

Additional information

A member can introduce guest(s) for particular events. For events that have to be paid for (especially for the Annual Dinner), guests are sometimes asked to pay a slightly higher charge. It is important that the numbers/names of guests are made known to the organisers, so that the correct planning can be made in good time.

Any non-member alumnus/alumna who is on our mailing list can also usually attend events on the “guest” basis described above, if space permits, but again please register and let the organisers know in good time. If you want to attend more than one event, however, we strongly recommend joining the society instead, because this helps with forward planning by the committee.

Normally it is assumed that membership will continue from year to year, however in order to terminate membership, please inform the secretary. Please also let the secretary know if you leave the Netherlands. Email:

The Society maintains a data base of contact details for current members, former members, and other alumni who have asked to be on our mailing list. The data base is used within the committee and not distributed further. The secretary can, however, put people in contact with other alumni in their area, for example by forwarding an e-mail to a specific person or to a group of people in one city.

In addition, anyone who wishes to make their own existence known to other Oxbridge alumni in The Netherlands or take part in networking and discussions is recommended to join the following LinkedIn group: