Regular Events

We have regular informal gatherings to allow Oxford and Cambridge alumni to meet others living in their area for conversation, drinks, dinner, whatever is desired. Anyone with an Oxford or Cambridge connection is welcome, no matter whether an expatriate working here or a Dutch former Oxbridge student. If you wish, you can contact someone on the committee to find out more about the plans or the locations, but otherwise feel free just to turn up.


  • runs on a semi-regular basis depending on other social events
  • typically takes place on the last Friday of the month
  • let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll let you know when/where it takes place
  • our instagram announces monthly drinks as they happen, so make sure to follow us

Location: Brouwerij Troost Westergas, Pazzanistraat 27, 1014 DB Amsterdam (nearest tram stop is Amsterdam, Van L.Stirumstraat)

Den Haag: last Tuesday of every month, starting from 8pm
Leiden: third Tuesday of certain months, starting from 6:30pm
Eindhoven: 1st Tuesday of every month at 12pm in ASML building 3, contact via Ping Shen
Utrecht: last Friday of every month, starting from 7:30pm

In all cases the dates will be confirmed by e-mail (OxBridge mailing list). Click on the links below for more details of these particular cafés.

Den Haag

De Tijd
Korte poten 1
2511 EB, Den Haag
Tel: (070) 346 46 12

There is a car park under the Plein itself. The location is a short walk from Den Haag Centraal Station – leave the station towards the town centre, cross the tram tracks, walk down Bezuidenhoutseweg/Herengracht until it changes into a pedestrian shopping street (Korte Poten), and then after two blocks you reach Plein.


corner of Kaiserstraat and Boisotkade
(near Sterrewacht)
2311 PZ Leiden

This pub is close to the old Observatory (Sterrewacht) about 10 minutes walk from Centraal Station. Car parking is not possible, except on the other side of Witte Singel.

Eindhoven (currently only active via a Whatsapp group, please contact Ping Shen at shenpingqian {at} for further details)


De Utrechter
Vredenburg 40
3511 BD Utrecht

If you are interested in joining the Utrecht drinks, please contact the secretary at