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The University Alumni Office

This is a focal point for helping Alumni to stay in touch with Oxford, with their college, and with their fellow Alumni wherever they are in the world. The website describes its aims and the services which it provides. Some specific announcements or links will also be repeated below on this web page, to bring them to the attention of members.

Oxford Alumni Weekends

The Oxford Alumni Weekends – an annual event since 2007 – have proved to be a major event in the University calendar, aiming to recognise Oxford’s achievements as a collegiate institution, both past and present.  For further information or on-line booking – click on this link.

European Reunions

The most recent European Alumni Weekend was in Vienna on April 24-26th 2015.

Oxford Alumni Card

A personal Alumni Card is needed in order to sign up for Alumni events. It can also be used to identify the holder as having a connection with the University and it brings certain benefits and discounts. To apply for a card or to find out more, please go to this web page.

E-Mail Forwarding Service

The University can provide Alumni with a permanent address in the format:


Mail sent to this address will be automatically forwarded to your current “real” address. In addition, your name, college and year of matriculation can appear in a searchable public on-line directory, with an ex-directory option. For details of how to apply for such an address, visit this webpage. Note that some colleges in addition have their own college-based e-mail forwarding service of a similar nature.

Social Networking

The Oxford University Society has initiated the following on-line activities. Many other facebook groups specific to individual colleges also exist, as do many such groups on LinkedIn.

  • Facebook: group named “Oxford Alumni”
  • Twitter: Oxford Alumni Office
  • LinkedIn: a group called “Oxford University Alumni” (not run by the University Alumni Office).