January 2019: 2019 begins with Spring!

One of our esteemed Oxbridge members, John Macfarlane together with friends, is about to give what is probably the first public performance in the Netherlands of a romantic trio for clarinet, cello and piano by Carl Frühling.

The programme also includes a piano duet by Leo Smit and a cello quartet by Rudolf Matz.

Date: Sunday 6th January 2019
Time: 15.30
Place: Het Jagthuis, Middenweg 88, 1394 AM, Nederhorst den Berg
Entrée: € 5

See also [link].

European elections 2019

We recently received an email from Sjors Keijzer (European Parliament, Liaison bureau in Nederland) that we would like to share:

“Dear Oxford and Cambridge Society of the Netherlands,

The European elections will take place between 23-26 May 2019; the elections in the Netherlands will be on 23 May. Non-Dutch EU citizens, such as expats, living in the Netherlands are able to vote in their own country or in the Netherlands.

In order to vote in the Netherlands, you have to register at your local municipality with the Y-32 form. The Y-32 form is available at your local municipality between 26 February 2019 and 9 April 2019. It is important that you register through this form before 9 April 2019. When registered correctly, you automatically will receive a voting pass a few days before the elections. If you are excluded from voting in your home country or in the Netherlands, you cannot participate in the elections.

How you can vote depends on the rules in your home country. You can use the website How to vote for more information or you can ask for more information about the voting progress at the government in your home country.

Maybe you think, “I already knew all of this, but my European colleague never votes, I have to tell him.” That´s great! Five years ago, the average turnout in the EU was only 42.6% and in the Netherlands even lower 37.3%. With the website thistimeimvoting.eu, the European Parliament wants to motivate people to go to vote and help them to motivate others to do the same in order to reach a higher voting turnout. Check it out!

The European Parliament Office in The Hague organises an event on 3 December. At this event, you can share your ideas on how to increase the voter turnout and we would like to hear how we could help you! There will of course be drinks afterwards. You can register here. We hope to see you there!”